We reveal the step by step checklist for creating the perfect DIY photo booth

We reveal the step by step checklist for creating the perfect DIY photo booth

The most affordable DIY Photo Booth which you can call your own.

With technology being at the forefront and having access to some simple equipment people have opted to start there own photo booth disregarding photo booth or rental hire which can start anywhere between $700 - $1200 and be charged per hour

DIY photo-booths have gained their popularity amongst the ages yet inexpensive. And easier than ever to set up if it's your turn to host the next party or event make sure you consider this if want your night to be a memorable one

You can tidy up any event or occasion by using the correct gear keeping your visitors Intrigued and "breaking the ice" 

However, to refer to the off-kilter "social tension" a photo booth corner can unite visitors and make awesome encounters transforming those moments into exceptional memories now that have that out of the way



Where to begin? Whatever the event or occasion may be always plan to guarantee you have enough space to position all the necessary equipment  

  • A Standard 3 x 2 (Back Drop Stand Width and Height) is the standard width However the width can shift contingent upon the scene or area we can provide widths and heights subject to the preferred location
  • To get the best results a 1 Meter Distance is the standard separation between the backdrop and ring light space, to ensure evenly proportioned light distribution on the backdrop and subject
  • An iPad/ Universal Tablet is a necessary element to snap your photographs our Ipad/Tablet mounting and bracket equipment can extend to all sizes and the reinforced monopod can hold weight capacity loads up to 2.5 kilograms 


  • A device fitted with a selfie/facing camera “The Better the camera the better the results” For IOS users you can download the Photo Booth App here or here for a support guide or you can use the camera with a 10-second timer to take photos please check Apple users guide on using your Ipad/Tablet to get the best results click here

 Anything else? 

No! We provide the rest! It’s never been easier from manuals and directions, parts and how-to guides to assemble the booth, ongoing additional customer support can be provided to ensure we are apart of the process every step of the way 

 Need inspiration? Click below:

Quoting Stages

Custom Backdrops and Props: Custom Names slogans Facebook Instagram patterns moustaches gold chains "Bling" Glitter #Hashtags Emojis and so on. On the off chance that there's a specific subject, custom slogan or " Happy Birthday *insert name here* or a Facebook TikTok or Instagram Corflute configuration. Patterns and materials with custom content can be done you name it!

If it's not too much trouble, Send a Quote here Request for Quote form to talk about modified choices and thoughts you might want to provide us. We are very adaptable and can tailor your prerequisites upon the final quote 

 We will provide you a mock-up before purchasing at no extra charge to guarantee we can transform your ideas into reality once our team has reviewed your final quote and you are happy to proceed we will send you a sales order form to finalize your purchase. Once you have confirmed and purchased your order we will provide progress updates from start to finish

Note: Please allow - 2-4 weeks upon purchasing the final order, to give us ample time to ensure we are meeting delivery deadlines as per order fulfillment it may require extensive work or processing along with shipping. Our team will commit to work vigilantly and make sure we are meeting quality standards and delivering on promise following our terms of service 

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